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Antec PC al Computex 2016

Computex 2016:
Antec PC cases offer thought-out features in eye-catching design concepts

In the year of their 30th anniversary, Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, will present a number of new PC cases over the course of this year’s 2016 Computex exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. Among them are the latest models from the GX series as well as Antec’s range of mini ITX cases.

Antec’s featured enclosures include the GX1200, the Trapeze (Cube design) and the Crown.
The GX1200 is a successful blend of stylish design and cooling performance – ideal for Gamers. The mid-tower measures 510 mm x 510 mm x 200 mm (L x W x H). The GX1200 is compatible with mini-ITX / micro ATX / standard ATX/ E-ATX motherboards and supports up to 410 mm VGA cards. The case boasts two 3.5″/2.5” HDD drive cages, three 2.5″ SSD drive cages as well as seven PCI-Expansion slots. The enclosure’s thought-out cooling system offers two pre-installed 120 mm front LED fans (customizable with seven colour options) and offers space for optional four 120 mm fans, one in the front, two on top, one exhaust fan the rear section of the GX1200 as well as one optional hard drive cage fan. The case offers enough space to install a 240 mm radiator on top, a 360 mm radiator in the front and a 120 mm radiator in the rear. Using the “Antec Magic Box”, the user can adjust the fan speed at 6 stages and choose from seven different colours for the light feature at the bottom of the case. The gaming mid-tower is rounded up by HD audio jacks, two USB 3.0 ports and LED on/off buttons at the front of case.

The Antec Trapeze (Cube design) is a compact mini ITX case with uncompromised hardware compatibility. The frame measures 355 mm x 250 mm x 459 mm (L x W x H) and features a unique leaned forward design with a hybrid structure made of 3 mm Aluminium and 0.8 mm cold-rolled steel. The enclosure offers one 3.5″ HDD drive bay and two 2.5″ SDD bays. A total of four fan mounts with one pre-installed 1200 mm LED fan (customizable in seven colours) in the rear of the case ensure sufficient cooling. The Antec Trapeze (Cube design) is water-cooling ready with space for a 240 mm radiator in the front and a 140 mm radiator in the rear. As another optical highlight, Trapeze (Cube design) offers an attractive panel & bottom lighting system in seven colours which can easily be adjusted on the top of the case. Last but not least, the case offers an innovative click system which enables to open and close the case in a quick and easy way. This thought-out case could serve as a conventional PC, gaming rig, or home theatre device and media center, but is also well-suited for professional users.

With the Antec Crown, the Californian manufactures presents a mini ITX case with is fully made of Aluminium including built-in windows in the front and on the side panels of the case and an excellent thermal concept. Its vertical duct design lets the user easily install the motherboard directly in the top section of the enclosure. The case measures 339 mm x 430.7 mm x 236 mm (L x W x H) and features two 3.5” HDD and four 2.5” SSD drive bays, two PCI expansion slots as well as one pre-installed 120 mm top LED fan. The Antec Crown supports VGA cards with a length of up to 330 mm and space for a water cooling solution in the top for a size of up to 128 mm.

About Antec
Since 1986, Antec, Inc. has been a global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, being the pioneer and market leader for quiet, efficient and innovative products such as the P280 and SOLO II enclosures as well as for their award-winning PSUs, boasting the lowest returns in the industry.
Antec is headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in Netherlands, Germany, China and Taiwan.

Trapeze (Cube design)
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