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Club 3D Lancia R9 290X 8Gb royalAce e bundles Civilization: Beyond Earth

Club 3D Radeon R9 290X 8GB royalAce launches today

Amsterdam, 6th of November 2014It’s been a year since the AMD Hawaii cards hit the market. The Radeon R9 290 and 290X reached a new level of performance and were the first cards aimed at gaming in 4K Ultra High Definition resolution.

Club 3D launched PokerSeries versions of the R9 290 and 290X, targeted at gamers who demand the best looks, the highest framerates, the best cooling performance and great value for money.
With the recent price adjustments the Club 3D R9 290(X) royalKing and royalAce versions now offer the highest performance ever at their respective price points.

But we have another Ace up our sleeve, a new member of the highly awarded PokerSeries family. Today we are proud to announce the Club 3D R9 290X 8Gb royalAce, the world’s first Single GPU Gaming Card featuring 8192Mb GDDR5 memory. It’s OverClocked out of the box for the best performance and packs the latest AMD Graphics Core Next technologies like True Audio, Powertune, XDMA and support for AMD’s revolutionary Mantle API. The royalAce is beautifully designed and constructed and is fitted with a triple fan CoolStream cooler and a custom backplate which make it stand out in any serious gaming system.
The 290 X already was the best choice for 4K gaming but the 8Gb version is better prepared for demanding games in the near future. The highly anticipated AAA title Star Citizen for example will be a PC only game and promises to be a true showcase for next level graphics and Ultra Resolution gaming. 8192Mb memory is not just a gimmick, to fully enjoy all the eye candy this and other upcoming titles have to offer, the Club 3D Radeon R9 290X 8Gb royalAce is your weapon of choice. It will be available soon in limited quantities.

Club 3D R9 290X 8Gb royalAce specifications:

  • AMD Hawaii GPU featuring 2816 Stream Processors
  • 8192Mb GDDR5 memory
  • Up to 1030MHz GPU clock
  • 5500 MHz memory clock
  • Dual Bios function
  • Triple fan CoolStream cooler with 5 copper heatpipes (triple slot)More information here
Club 3D SenseVision Multi Stream Transmission (MST) Hubs enable the maximum functionality of AMD’s industry leading Eyefinity technology. Every R9 290X card is (up to) Eyefinity 6 capable by adding a Club 3D MST Hub. With new features like mixed resolution support, monitors becoming more affordable and MST Hubs better available, multi monitor Eyefinity solutions are popular among a growing number of gamers. More information here.

SID MEIER´S CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH out now, will be bundled exclusively with the Club 3D Radeon R9 290, 290X and 295X2.
In addition to the launch of the R9 290X 8Gb royalAce, Sid Meier´s Civilization: Beyond Earth will now be bundled with R9 290, 290X and 295X2 cards! This is the latest game of the critically acclaimed Civilization franchise developed by Firaxis Games. It will be offered exclusively with the R9 290, 290X and 295X2 cards in addition to the already great Never Settle Space Edition, making it the best bundle in the market for the Holiday season.If you purchase a Club 3D R9 290, 290X or 295X between November 6th and February 28th 2015, you’re eligible for the Civilization: Beyond Earth and Never Settle Space Edition Gold game offer. Information on how to reedem the game codes can be found on the Club 3D and the AMD webpages.
Find out more at www.club-3d.com6

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