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Turn on some epic music before you read on, because we’re about to introduce
you to one of our favorite liquid cooling systems. Meet the ENDORFY Navis F280

This illuminated bad boy can handle even the high-power processors – that’s
because it works with a quiet ceramic-bearing heart block pump with PWM speed
control. The package also includes two Fluctus fans. Each is 140 mm in size and
can run efficiently even at lower speeds, so tell your besties that you’ll be tied to
your PC for a long time.
And the cherry on top – the ENDORFY Navis F280 ARGB is compatible with all
popular sockets, so you’ll assemble it on almost any CPU. You’re welcome 😉
Welcome to the quiet side of the force
Navis F280 ARGB is so quiet you can hear your own thoughts. We’re serious –
you can play your favorite shooter on the highest settings (and all night long)
and it will still be as quiet as your besties while watching the final episode of
your favorite show. Except that our Navis F280 ARGB doesn’t leave any kernel
behind 😉
Airflow through the radiator is forced by two award-winning Fluctus 140 PWM
ARGB fans. Their blades have been shaped to perfectly ventilate the densely
finned radiator. We theorize that if we made them large enough, another ice age
would ensue – that’s how well they cool things down.
In addition, fan blades have serrated edges, which makes the noise less audible
and less annoying (the psychoacoustic optimization of Fluctus fans is patent
pending). Welcome to the quiet side of the force!
Dark Frosty knight
Sometimes we find ourselves saying that Navis F280 ARGB is our dark frosty
knight that perfectly cools the CPU even when you’re squeezing the last juice out
of your PC. We once even made a mini-armor for it, but it was uncomfortable to
Instead, we’ve built an asymmetric water block that absorbs heat from the
processor. We combined it with a ceramic bearing pump controlled by a PWM
signal. That means that the pump adjusts its speed (between 1600 and 2600
RPM) together with the speed of the fans – so you can finally work in silence.
Coolant in Navis F280 ARGB passes through a 280 mm class radiator, designed
specifically with our greatest pride – the Fluctus fans – in mind. Your friends
won’t pass by a combo like that without experiencing pangs of jealousy.
Can you give me some light?
Hardware without ARGB is fine – but the truth is, it’s nice to be surrounded with
a colorful aurora over your desk. That’s why the Fluctus 140 PWM fans with the
ARGB option are mounted on the radiator. We’ve also illuminated the edge of
the block-pump and the ENDORFY logo – YOLO.
With ARGB, you can customize the look of the cooler to suit your world
management center. You’ll illuminate it in any color you like or set your own
effect, e.g., a shimmering rainbow or a pulsating wave. The Navis F280 ARGB
works just as well as its non-illuminated brother. The coolers have the same
excellent design – we didn’t want to sacrifice performance for a funky look.
Have fun!
Navis F280 ARGB illuminates even if you don’t have a compatible motherboard
or a PC case with the controller. That’s because we give you a Nano-Reset ARGB
controller with which you’ll set yourself one of the pre-programmed illumination
effects. Have fun!
Just the way you like it
When – just like us – you spend half your life at the computer, you know how
important it is to keep your PC case tidy. And that’s why we’ve made sure that
the Navis F280 ARGB can be mounted in any position inside your computer. Just
the way you like it.
This is thanks to the flexible hoses, each approximately 39 cm long, so that you
can easily mount the cooler as you wish.
Non-creepy pasta paste
With the Navis F280 ARGB, you get a tube of efficient and easy-to-apply Pactum
PT-3 thermal paste, which will have you covered for several installations. You
have nothing to fear.
ENDORFY Navis F280 ARGB – main features:
 All-in-one liquid cooling
 PWM-controlled pump
 Two Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB fans
 Extended fan speed range
 ARGB LED lighting
 Nano-reset ARGB controller
 Knock-resistant rubber tubes
 Compatible with newest AMD and Intel sockets
ENDORFY Navis F280 ARGB – technical specifications:
 Product code: EY3B005
 EAN: 5903018665924
 Product type: CPU liquid cooler
 Radiator specifications:
o Radiator dimensions: 140×310×28 mm
o Radiator dimensions (incl. fans): 140×310×54 mm
o Material: aluminum
 Fan specifications:
o Fan quantity: 2
o Type of fans: Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB
o Fan dimensions: 140×140×25 mm
o Fan bearings: FDB
o Fan speed: 250 (±100) – 1800 (±10%) rpm
o Control (speed): PWM
o Connector (fan): 4-pin (male and female)
o Voltage (fan): 12 V
o Current (fan, peak): 0.40 A
o Control (LED): ARGB
o Connector (LED): 3-pin (male and female)
o Voltage (LED): 5 V
o Current (LED, peak): 0.30 A
o MTBF: 100 000 h
 Pump specifications:
o Base: copper
o Bearing: ceramic
o Speed (pump): 1600 – 2600 (±10%) rpm
o Control (speed): PWM
o Connector (speed): 4-pin PWM (female)
o Voltage (pump): 12 V
o Current (pump, peak): 0.33 A
o Control (LED): ARGB
o Connector (LED): 3-pin (female)
o Voltage (LED): 5 V
o Current (LED, peak): 0.18 A
o Connector (power): SATA
 CPU compatibility:
o AMD: AM5, AM4
o Intel: LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156,
LGA2066, LGA2011-3, LGA2011 (square ILM)
 Warranty: 36 months
ENDORFY Navis F280 ARGB – logistics data:
 Retail box dimensions: 410×175×170 mm
 Weight (net): 1.31 kg
 Weight (gross): 1.95 kg
 Master carton dimensions: 545×425×365 mm
 Master carton weight (gross): 12.90 kg
 Product quantity in master carton: 6 pcs
Set includes:
 1× Navis F280 ARGB cooling set
 2× Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB fan
 1× Nano-reset ARGB controller
 1× Assembly set
 1× Pactum PT-3 thermal paste

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