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Le AMD APU A-Series con DirectX®12 avranno un miglioramento del 41%

Sembrerebbero confermate anche per le APU A-series di AMD i notevoli miglioramenti prestazionali offerti dalle librerie DirecX12. Si continua ad essere fiduciosi dei progressi fatti con Windows 10 da Microsoft. Ecco il comunicato AMD:

Great gameplay isn’t an accident—it’s built. Every chip is years in the making: the child of keen industry forecasting, of expert engineering, of collaboration with top game devs, and of the unrelenting thirst to win. When designing the AMD APUs, great gameplay was top of mind. But the “proof is in the pudding,” they say, and recent testing by Anandtech had all the proof anyone could need: the AMD A10 and A8-7000 Series APUs crushed the competition in head-to-head DirectX® 12 performance testing using StarSwarm by Oxide Games.

I encourage you to read the complete article, but let me summarize and digest the data for you:
Migrating from DirectX® 11 to DirectX® 12 yielded an average framerate improvement of 41.2% for the APUs tested by Anandtech. The competition’s average? Just 3.25%.
In batch submissions, measured by the time it takes to bundle and process large bodies of graphics work, AMD A-Series APUs were 41% faster at the job.
In fact, AMD A-Series APUs were 12.5x faster at processing a batch submission in DirectX® 12 as compared to DirectX® 11. The competition was only 10x faster in the same scenario.

These three data points reveal a great deal about the harmony between compatible AMD APUs and DirectX® 12. Not only were the AMD APUs faster than the competition in absolute framerates, they delivered more fidelity, did it more efficiently, and demonstrated greater benefit from the switch to DirectX® 12 than their opponent.

That’s a flawless victory for an extraordinary family of SoC designs that lie at the heart of world-class devices like the Xbox One™, PS4™, laptops, desktops, ultra-thins, HTPCs, arcade machines, airliners, and a breathtaking array of other devices.

Speaking of compatibility, all AMD APUs and GPUs based on the award-winning Graphics Core Next architecture are already DirectX® 12-compliant. Just install the Windows® 10 Technical Preview, grab the latest updates, and you’re ready to go!

Great DirectX® 12 performance is really that simple with AMD APUs.

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