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The Award-Winning Mountain Makalu 67, World’s First Gaming Mouse with PixArt PAW3370 Sensor, now also available in White

Mountain’s first gaming mouse with PixArt’s new flagship PAW3370 sensor, the lightweight, ergonomically designed Makalu 67, which brings unparalleled performance with 400IPS tracking speed, 50g acceleration and a best-in-class LOD (lift-off-distance) of 1-2mm, adds a white colorway to the line-up.
After making an impact on the high-end gaming mouse market in early October, Makalu 67 now debuts a second colorway.
Freiburg, Germany– (03.12.2020) Mountain, creator of innovative, premium peripherals with user-centric design to enable gamers to perform at their best, introduces a pristine white colorway for the award-winning Makalu 67 lightweight gaming mouse. The critically acclaimed debut mouse from Mountain gathered awards left and right around the world, leaving only one element to be desired: a second colorway. For connoisseurs of all-white setups, Makalu 67 now brings a flagship level performance in immaculate white design. Both Makalu 67 black and white are in stock and available on https://mountainggshop.com.

With only 67g of weight, Makalu 67 offers a mid-to-large sized gaming mouse at the weight level of much smaller gaming mice, building upon a unique rib cage design that trims unnecessary weight while offering a rigid structure with maximum comfort.

This has been achieved without sacrificing structural integrity. Makalu 67 is built to withstand 5kg of force to avoid accidental button actuations by grabbing the body too tightly if things get a little heated.

100% PTFE feet guarantee the best possible gliding experience while 50M Omron switches are being used to ensure reliable and satisfying clicks for years to come. Bordering on magic, Makalu 67’s Mountain Lifeline cable goes where no mouse cable has gone before in terms of flexibility, making it the last stop before going wireless. The cherry on top has to be the 5-degree angled cable connection, further reducing drag and wear.

Powered by Mountain’s Base Camp™ software, Makalu 67 can be customized to the user’s desire.

“The feedback we have received for Makalu 67 is nothing short of amazing. It shows that the development goals of providing the highest performance in an ergonomic, yet lightweight design resonates well”, said Tobias Brinkmann, Founder & CEO of Mountain. “Gamers require no less than the  best equipment to be able to perform at their peak, and now that we have the perfected Makalu 67 in function, we’re ready to add another option to the looks department.”


59.99 USD / 59.99 EUR


  • 67g lightweight ergonomic design
  • PixArt PAW3370 sensor
    • 19000 DPI
    • 1-2mm lift-off-distance
    • 0.5% error rate
    • 400 IPS
  • OMRON 50M switches
  • Unique ribcage design for ultimate stability
  • Mountain Lifeline cable – “The last stop before wireless”
  • 100% PTFE feet
  • Base Camp™ software for ultimate customization

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