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Antec presents new Neptune all-in-one ARGB CPU Cooler. Comunicato stampa

May 11, 2020 Rotterdam, NL ­– Antec Inc., leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, are launching a new generation of all-in-one closed loop liquid CPU coolers:  the Neptune Series. The Neptune 120  and Neptune 240 are commercially available now for 92,98 Euros and 69,90Euros.

ARGB LED-Lit Ultra-Thin CPU Block  

The Neptune with unique LED-lit ARGB design brings your build to next level. The integration of the water pump and radiator prevents the CPU from being damaged by vibration. The ultra-thin CPU block reduces the volume when installing it on the CPU. Besides the aesthetics, the efficiency of thermal control is also improved.

The new models feature the advanced integration of water pump and radiator and are engineered to keep the CPU cool for up to 50,000 hours. Manufactured with high-quality components and backed by the Antec three-year warranty period, there are currently two models available and both are equipped with ARGB fans in an aluminium construction. The super-thin CPU Block not only avoids incompatibility with certain motherboard heat sinks, but also protects the motherboard from deforming due to the weight of the CPU cooler.

Stronger heat transfer doubles the cooling efficiency

The radiator is designed to achieve a cooling performance perfectly suitable for any enthusiast’s needs with a fan speed of 900 – 1600 rpm and an air flow of 77 CFM. The pump is located on top of the radiator to decrease the risk of CPU damage due to vibration. It features a high coolant pressure (1m±0.2m water pressure; flow rate of 1.5 l / minute) and a low fan noise. The Neptune coolers have thermal paste ready-applied and are easily set up via plugging into a 3-Pin motherboard connector and SATA power.

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