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Find out about IRDM’s premieres at IFA 2022


IRDM is a European brand that creates unique SSDs, memory modules and Flash memory intended
for enthusiasts and gamers, manufactured by Wilk Elektronik SA. The Polish company is also the
owner and producer of the European brand of computer memory, Flash and SSD – Goodram. Both
the company’s headquarters and the production infrastructure are located in Silesia, in the south
of Poland. As in previous years, also this year during the IFA fair in Berlin, the Polish manufacturer
presents premiere products and concepts in the IRDM brand offer, including fully white RGB DDR4
memory modules and finally DDR5 memory modules available in the RGB version. IRDM was one
of the few global brands to present the concept of the first 5th generation SSD.
Ravenous appetite for RGB
The premiere IRDM RGB modules of both generations were closed in the unique, characteristic for
the IRDM brand, aesthetic, stylish and solid heatsinks, diversified by unique cutter patterns. They are
made of aluminum, which ensures adequate cooling and performance necessary for stable operation
of the gaming set. The memory module is topped with a matte RGB strip and the use of 8 LEDs
guarantees effective, smooth memory lighting along its entire length. The latest IRDM memories are
compatible with RGB lighting control software from leading motherboard manufacturers such as
ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock, guaranteeing impressive visuals available to owners of the most
popular PC and gaming setups. The combination of these features makes IRDM memory modules an
excellent choice for users who require computers that impress both in appearance and performance.
DDR4 IRDM RGB White is a unique proposition for enthusiasts of minimalist, white computer sets.
What’s more, DDR4 IRDM RGB White is currently the only completely white memory module
available on the market (among the leading brands) based not only on a white heatsink, but a unique
white PCB. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, DDR4 IRDM RGB White will be available
in the regular offer in October in the configuration of 3600MHz (2x8GB / 2x16GB) and the popular
3200 MHz (2x8GB / 2x16GB). The manufacturer also declares that on special request, the distribution
offer will include memory with a different selected specification, which will certainly be a real treat
for enthusiasts such as PC builders who want to highlight the PC sets they offer.
• Compatible with motherboards from 4 major manufacturers: ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock
• One of the world's leading brands, white heat sink and white PCB
• Available configurations:
 2x8GB 3200MHz CL18
 2x16GB 3200MHz CL18
 2x8GB 3600MHz CL18
 2x16GB 3600MHz CL18
The IRDM brand was not in hurry to introduce the 5th generation memory to the market, giving itself
enough time to refine the offer, and the results of its work are presented at this year’s IFA.

Impressive DDR5 IRDM RGB modules refer to the design of the previous generation, emphasizing the
brand’s attachment to the developed style, which is already the hallmark of IRDM. The black, solid,
milled heatsink and RGB strip with 8 LEDs guarantee the perfect complement and liveliness of any PC
set built from scratch or requiring an upgrade at the highest level. By introducing DDR5 memory, the
IRDM brand „dot one’s I’s”, because the memory, next to its excellent design, offers outstanding
performance. Based on selected components, DDR5 IRDM RGB offers speeds up to 6200MHz at
CL36! In October, the permanent offer will include DDR5 IRDM RGB modules in the following
configuration: 2 x 16GB 5200MHz CL40, 2 x 16GB 5600MHz CL40, 2 x 16GB 6000MHz CL32 and 2 x
16GB 6200MHz CL36. Similar to the DDR4 IRDM generation, also DDR5 IRDM RGB are compatible
with motherboards and RGB lighting control software from leading motherboard manufacturers.

• The first RGB DDR5 modules in the IRDM offer
• Compatible with motherboards from 4 major manufacturers: ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock
• Available configurations:
 2 x 16GB 5200MHz CL40
 2 x 16GB 5600MHz CL40
 2 x 16GB 6000MHz CL32
 2 x 16GB 6200MHz CL36
• Built on selected Micron and Hynix memory chips
• 8 LEDs
Both the IRDM DDR4 RGB and IRDM DDR5 RGB sets will be packed in a carefully designed package,
visually consistent with the IRDM RGB DDR4 series in black version, already available on the market.
Ultimate class IRDM!
IRDM has not rested on its laurels after this year's premiere of the highly rated IRDM PRO M.2 NVME
drive. During the IFA, the Polish manufacturer presents the pre-premiere of the SSD IRDM Ultimate
NVME generation 5 and the concept of a heatsink. Based on 3D TLC chips and the Phison E26
controller, the drive will guarantee performance up to 10000 MB/s for reading and 9500 MB/s for
writing, and will be available in capacities from 1 to 4TB. The drive will be complemented by a refined
heatsink with a design referring to the IRDM brand logo and the previous generation of the drive.
During the IFA, the IRDM brand will present its selected products in a demonstration computer
specially prepared for this event. The result of cooperation with X-KOM, one of the leading computer
stores in Poland, is a personalized G4M3R ELITE CASE computer equipped with G4M3R ELITE AIO 360
cooling with the following specifications:
Category Producer Product
Processor Intel Core i9-12900KF
Graphics Card Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Ti VISION OC LHR 12GB GDDR6X
Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4
SSD M.2 IRDM IRDM PRO M.2 2TB custom
Computer case X-KOM G4M3R ELITE


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