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In win lancia sul mercato il Nuovo D-Frame 2.0 e Signature Series PSU SIII-1065W

Nuovi prodotti in casa In Win, andiamo a vedere gli scatti di questi incredibili prodotti!
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In Win Announces Upgraded Renown Signature Chassis, the D-Frame 2.0

Limited Edition, Innovative & Refined New Design

【Taoyuan, Taiwan, September 2016】As part of its 30 th anniversary celebration and the 2016 signature

product series, In Win Development Inc. has announced the availability of D-Frame 2.0 worldwide.

Embodying the spirit and strength of an off-road motorcycle, the D-Frame 2.0 is the perfect combination of

craftsmanship and technology. The D-Frame 2.0 will come in a variety of colors such as: black-and- gold,

green and blue-and- white. Targeting gamers and PC modders, the handcrafted metal structure has an

innovative, two-way opening mechanism, with quick-release fasteners that allows for easy hardware

installation. The motherboard mounting tray is first sandblasted to achieve a refined metallic texture, then

TIG (tungsten inert gas) welded in place to reinforce stability. Finally, a unique electro-deposition process

creates its ultra-smooth finish.

The D-Frame 2.0’s unique open-frame structure provides an unparalleled view of the internal hardware

from any angle. The two tempered glass side panels are retained with In Win 30 th anniversary

commemorative thumbscrews, and there are specific accommodation for water cooling hardware and

high-end components that are typically paired with In Win’s signature chassis.

The D-Frame 2.0 has an innovative and flexible internal layout that allows multiple positioning of: storage,

(up to 4x multifunctional brackets) fans, (using the 2x 120mm fan brackets and 1x 3-in- 1 fan bracket)

water cooling radiators (using the 360mm bracket) and/or a pump/reservoir within the chassis. The

brackets use captive screws that provide secure fastening and ease of assembly.

Internally, the motherboard tray supports E-ATX, ATX and micro-ATX sizes with CPU heatsinks up to

165mm high, and up to eight expansion slots featuring graphics cards up to 415mm long. The front panel

I/O consists of the latest USB 3.1 Type-C connector, three USB 3.0 ports and HD stereo audio jacks.

In Win has paired the D-Frame 2.0 with the SIII-1065W power supply; In Win’s second power supply with

transparent sections, constructed from high-quality aluminium and tempered glass. The SIII-1065W is

designed and manufactured by In Win. It is designed in the shape of an air-cooled engine with aluminium

alloy top cover. Internally, it’s constructed using premium 105ºC Japanese aluminum electrolytic

capacitors, a double EMI filter, a full bridge with LLC and a 165mm smart fan for silent operation. Overall

this provides an efficiency of up to 92 percent. There are four, selectable power modes for internal

modular ports, and a rear 3-Amp USB port for high-performance mobile charging. Its fully modular design

with low-profile cables simplifies installation and focuses on the neatest, cleanest looking PC build.

Ecco il video:

Ecco una carrellata di foto dei due prodotti!

D-Frame_2.0_05 SIII-1065W_06 SIII-1065W_05 SIII-1065W_04 D-Frame_2.0_12 D-Frame_2.0_11 SIII-1065W_01 SIII-1065W_02 SIII-1065W_03 SIII-1065W_07 D-Frame_2.0_06 D-Frame_2.0_07 D-Frame_2.0_08 D-Frame_2.0_09 D-Frame_2.0_10 D-Frame_2.0_01 D-Frame_2.0_02 D-Frame_2.0_03 D-Frame_2.0_04

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