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IRDM PRO DDR4 Deep Black premiere

Wilk Elektronik SA, the manufacturer of the GOODRAM brand and the IRDM memory series, is
expanding its DDR4 3600 memory product line with another colour version. IRDM PRO DDR4 Deep
Black, which is the catalogue name of the new version, will join IRDM PRO Hollow White and Pitch

IRDM PRO DDR4 memory line is a series of modules dedicated to gamers and enthusiasts, including
case modding fans. The modules are built from carefully selected memory chips and an 8-layer PCB.
IRDM PRO DDR4 Deep Black comes in 8 GB and 16 GB modules and is available in Single (8, 16GB)
and Dual Channel (16, 32 GB) configurations. IRDM DEEP BLACK is available with the latency timing of
18-22-22 and the clock speed of 3600 MHz to deliver the performance and reliability that gamers,
professionals and overclockers demand.
"The introduction of more 3600MHz modules into the range is not a coincidence. Alongside the
3200MHz memory, modules with the clock speed of 3600MHz are currently the most popular OC
memory models with heatsinks chosen by our customers", says Wieslaw Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik.

The three musketeers

IRDM PRO modules are equipped with low-profile heatsinks, dissipating heat and ensuring stable
computer operation. The IRDM PRO series is available in three distinctive colour versions: Pitch Black,
with the dominant black coating and a golden logo; the unique Hollow White distinguished by the
white colour of the heatsink and the PCB; and the latest – Deep Black, an entirely black solution.

Is it already time for RGB?

"We do not rule out that soon we will expand our portfolio to include memory modules with RGB
backlighting, but the feedback we receive from customers reassure us that the classical simplicity of
form offered by the IRDM PRO series is still very well-received, and the series should be developed"-
emphasizes Wiesław Wilk.
The novelty in the offer is the Polish manufacturer's response to the large market demand for fast
DRAM memory modules. The GOODRAM brand also seeks to maintain its position among the leading
producers of memory modules in Poland and to strengthen its position on export markets, which
currently account for 70% of the Polish manufacturer's sales.

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