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Launch of “FLEXMOUNT DUO” – Dual Monitor Arm. Comunicato stampa in inglese

HONG KONG, 27 November 2019
GELID Solutions launches the FLEXMOUNT DUO – a gas spring dual monitor arm which features
enhanced ergonomics, fast-install build and support of numerous screen types and models in ultra
flexible dual-monitor setup. The FLEXMOUNT DUO is a product of GELID Solutions LIFESTYLE
product line.
The FLEXMOUNT DUO is designed to perfect your dual-monitor setup with ease, comfort and
science. Medical research proves that working long-hours on computers endangers our health. And a
great degree of the outcomes is associated with uncomfortable body posture and non-ergonomic
desk setup. The FLEXMOUNT DUO follows the best practices of ergonomics. It enables easy omnidirectional adjustments to position your monitors and orchestrate sitting and desk space at your true
comfort. It supports numerous monitor types, up to 34 inches wide and with 8kg weight capacity per
arm. Intuitive build makes the FLEXMOUNT DUO extremely easy to install and get started with.
Seamless cable management also adds to usability. And aerospace-grade materials guarantee
reliable and durable operation.
The FLEXMOUNT DUO is available now and has a MSRP of USD 79.99 or Euro 72.99.
“Setting up dual monitors is now a breeze with FLEXMOUNT DUO! It brings in an unprecedented
level of ease and comfort to get the best of your monitors, unleash your creative talent and boost your
productivity“, said Gebhard Scherrer, co-founder and Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.
If you are interested in reviewing this product please email your inquiry.
For further product information please visit www.gelidsolutions.com

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