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NEW PRODUCTS FROM BE QUIET! IN 2020. Comunicato stampa

Pure Loop



■ High cooling performance with the following radiator sizes recommended for these CPUs:

■ AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core i3: 120mm

■ AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5: 240mm

■ AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7: 240mm/280mm

■ AMD Ryzen 9 or Intel Core i9: 280mm/360mm

■ Doubly decoupled pump for quiet operation and minimal vibration

■ Up to 3 Pure Wings 2 PWM fans combine quiet operation with high air pressure

■ Illuminated aluminium-style CPU block with white LEDs, which offers a great contrast to the all-black design of radiator, tubes and fans

■ Easy to access refill port and coolant bottle for high longevity

■ Flexible, sleeved tubes and convenient mounting

■ Nickel-coated coldplate, which can be used with liquid metal thermal compound

■ 27mm thick radiator

■ Three-year manufacturer’s warranty


Launch: Early October 2020

Pricing (MSRP; may be subject to change):

120mm: €84.90 / $84.90

240mm: €94.90 / $94.90

280mm: €104.90 / $104.90

360mm: €119.90 / $119.90


Silent Base 802


New features from Silent Base 801
■ Interchangeable front panel for silent or airflow focus

■ Interchangeable top cover for silent or airflow focus

■ USB 3.2 Gen. 2 Type C connector replaces one USB 2.0 connector at the front panel

■ Available in black or white, with and without tempered and tinted glass window (no highlight color options anymore)


Silence features

■ Three step fan control for up to six fans (3-pin) with the option to hub all fans to one PWM signal
■ Three preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140mm fans for silent operation

■ High-grade dampening materials with up to 10mm thickness (side: 10mm / top (optional): 3mm / front (optional): 10mm)

Usability features

■ Easy removal of both side panels with the push of a button at the rear. No screws needed.

■ Interior can be inverted for installation of the motherboard on the left side. The window side panel can be placed on either side.

■ PSU shroud and HDD slot covers for a neat look and easy cable management

■ Case provides even more space for components, cable management, airflow and up to E-ATX motherboards. Possibility to install up to 420mm radiators in the front.

■ One double HDD cage underneath the PSU shroud and one single HDD cage in the main chamber, each with decoupling elements, allow the installation up to 3 HDDs. Alternatively, together with the three slots behind the mainboard tray, users can install up to 7 SSDs out of the box

■ Removable fan bracket in the top for easy installation of fans or radiators up to 360mm

■ Dust filters are easy to reach from the front

■ Easy installation of PSU with a mounting bracket, installed from the rear side


Launch: End of November 2020
Pricing (MSRP; may be subject to change):

Black/White €159.90 / $159.90 (non-window) || €169.90 / $169.90 (window)


Silent Base 801 will be phased out when Silent Base 802 is released

Shadow Rock 3 White



■ Impressive cooling performance of up to 190W TDP

■ White heat sink is a highlight in any system

■ Five 6mm nickel-coated copper heat pipes with heat pipe direct touch (HDT) technology

■ HDT technology absorbs heat directly into the heat pipes

■ Decoupled Shadow Wings 2 120mm PWM High-Speed fan

■ Just 24.4dB(A) at maximum speed

■ Asymmetric construction avoids blocking of RAM banks by the heat sink

■ Elegant white surface and top cover with bi-color print

■ Easy installation with top mounting

■ 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

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