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NZXT lancia il nuovo controller FAN & RGB capace di gestire fino ad 80 led! Comunicato stampa.

NZXT ha appena lanciato il suono controller RGB & Fan capace di gestire due linee led da 40 led ognuna, per un massimo di 80 led. In questo modo sarà possibile per l’utente aggiungere al proprio sistema fino a sei strisce led a 5V indirizzabili! Inoltre il controller vanta tre canali da 10w per altrettante ventole.
Tutto sarà controllabile dal programma NZXT CAM in modo semplice e dando all’utente la possibilità di decidere nel dettaglio come personalizzare il proprio sistema!


NZXT Announces the RGB & Fan Controller
Bringing Light to your Battlestation

Jan 21, 2020, Los Angeles, CA – NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware
solutions for PC gaming, today announces the NZXT RGB & Fan Controller. Powered by NZXT
CAM, the RBG & Fan Controller gives users the tools to customize lighting and fan profiles to
The NZXT RGB & Fan Controller was created for builders to easily and affordably add digital RGB
and fan control to their system controlled via NZXT CAM. Any chassis can now have the same
enhanced capabilities found in the i versions of NZXT award-winning H Series cases. Bringing
beauty to any battlestation is simpler than ever with two RGB lighting and fan channels that are
compatible with all NZXT lighting accessories such as LED strips, underglow, cable combs, and
AER RGB 2 fans. Additionally, three dedicated 10W fan channels are included, giving users direct
control of their airflow performance digitally.
Main Features of the NZXT RGB & Fan Controller
Lighting Channels
Two NZXT RGB lighting channels, up to 40 individually addressable LEDs per channel, 80 LEDs
total. Lighting channels now support up to six addressable RGB LED Strips or five Aer RGB fans.
Fan Channels
Three fan channels* with max 10W per channel output.
More RGB Lighting Accessories
Mix and match any NZXT RGB LED accessories** within each channel, including NZXT Underglow,
Cable Comb, LED strips in various lengths, and Aer RGB fans while syncing all lighting accessories
across different channels.
*If a fan splitter is used, all fan control in the channel is regulated based on the fan connected to the 4-pin channel.
**Gen 2 and Gen 1 lighting products cannot be combined on a single channel
MSRP: $24.99 USD

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