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Thermaltake AH T200 Micro Case. Comunicato stampa

AH T200 Micro Chassis is the small version of our iconic air-force styled architecture comes with two
durable 5mm thick tempered glass window, and outstanding system ventilation. AH T200 supports the latest
PC hardware and all high-end GPU solutions, guarantees on unparalleled expandability for high-end
configurations and AIO cooling system to satisfy the market where users have opted for stylish PC chassis
with advanced features and aesthetic appeal.

AH T200 offer high quality three
5mm thick tempered glass window
panel on left and right. The crystal
clear window design permits users
to fully display and admire all
components of the liquid-cooling
systems. Show off your dedicated
set in the subtlest manner!

Follow the helicopter design of AH T600, AH T200 With its three 3mm tempered glass
cockpit and small but complete structure, for those who were looking for a smaller sized,
non-conventional chassis, this will be the one to pick.


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