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Tutti i prodotti CoolerMaster annunciati al CES 2020

Cooler Master Announces 2020 Case Lineup


LOS ANGELES, CALIF., JANUARY 7, 2020 – Cooler Master, a global leader in computer components and gaming peripherals, announced its new lineup of computer cases at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Cooler Master plans to release a full line of ATX and mATX cases, from the MasterBox TD500 Mesh and NR600P, to the MasterBox MB311L ARGB & 320L ARGB.

MasterBox TD500 Mesh (Black and White)

The MasterBox TD500 Mesh (available in Black and White variations) adds a new dimension to PC lighting through contour and form, providing custom-built systems a presentation beyond flat, two-dimensional panels. The Crystalline Tempered Glass side panel features a design that interacts with component lighting, precision engineered for both its toughness and its aesthetics through CNC machining.

Polygonal Mesh takes its form from Cooler Master’s Fine Mesh technology—simultaneously providing high airflow, dust filtration, and a strengthened structure. Lighting from the three included ARGB fans respond to the contour of the mesh depending on the viewing angle. Advanced technology is set firmly into fine art as the MasterBox TD500 Mesh carves its own path to the bleeding edge.

MasterBox NR600P

The MasterBox NR600P is a workstation powerhouse that can configure to a wide range of professions. SSI-EEB support, a professional-grade I/O panel, and unrivaled cooling capabilities make the MasterBox NR600P the most functionally adaptive E-ATX case for creatives & professionals. Built and designed by purpose, the MasterBox NR600P is an elegant chassis for uncompromisingly powerful hardware.

MasterBox 311L ARGB & 320L ARGB

The MasterBox MB311L ARGB is a Micro-ATX airflow PC case pre-installed with two ARGB fans and made to be built with the latest gaming hardware.  The front panel’s façade is made entirely of Fine Mesh, placed between two honeycomb vents on either side to maximize airflow.

The MasterBox MB320L ARGB is a Micro-ATX PC case with two pre-installed ARGB fans and honeycomb mesh ventilation on either side of the DarkMirror front panel. The DarkMirror front panel is smoked a shade darker to sharpen the contrast of the ARGB fans pre-installed behind it, highlighting its best features.

Cooler Master Highlights 2020 Thermal Products

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., JANUARY 7, 2020 – Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components, will be showcasing its new lineup of thermal solutions at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including new case fans, air and liquid coolers, and more. The lineup also includes updated versions of the SickleFlow case fans and the MasterLiquid ML120/240 Lite liquid cooler.


The MasterAir G200P is a 39.4 mm low-profile CPU cooler designed for small form factor cases and compact PC builds. Built with a powerful 92mm squared PWM fan to maximize top-down cooling, the G200P features a wide fan speed range that is fine tuned for maximum airflow, overall cooling performance and silent operation.


Hyper 212 EVO (Version 2)

An update to the legendary Hyper 212 EVO flagship air cooler, the Hyper 212 EVO (Version 2) features an updated mounting bracket system for easier installation and the new SickleFlow (Version 2) case fans, allowing quiet performance and optimized airflow.

MasterFan MF120 Halo

The MasterFan MF120 Halo provides an Ideal air-cooling solution for CPU coolers and chassis in-take fans. MF120 Halo is fitted with multiple layers of noise reduction technology along with a perfect blend of fan blade cools components in silence. Featuring dual Loop Addressable RGB Lighting, the MF120 Halo also exudes vibrant colors while generating high pressure airflow.


SickleFlow 120 Series  (Version 2)

Redeveloped for performance, the SickleFlow 120 case fan series features an improvement on the Air Balance blades with regards to optimized silent performance as well as a revamped rifle-bearing frame. The fans will be available in non-LED, LED (Red, Blue), RGB, and ARGB.

MasterLiquid ML120L/240L (Lite – Version 2)

The MasterLiquid ML120L and 240L (Version 2) features a refreshed design from the popular MasterLiquid Lite Series. Featuring a newly designed 3rd Gen. Dual Chamber Pump and an enlarged radiator surface area. the ML Lite (Version 2) improves overall cooling efficiency of the AIO and optimized cooling performance. The ML Lite (Version 2) will also include the latest SickleFlow 120 RGB fan, equipped with a new design and Air Balance fan blades.

Cooler Master Announces 2020 Power Supply Units

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., JANUARY 7, 2020 – Cooler Master, a global leader in computer components and gaming peripherals, today announced new lines of Power Supply Units (PSU).

SFX Gold (550/650/750/850W)

Rated 80 PLUS Gold, the SFX Gold is a PSU fit for small form factor PC builds. The PSU will be the first PSU in the market to support 850W within the SFX category. The PSU is equipped with a silent 80mm FDB fan that keeps noise level to a minimum while improving overall efficiency and thermal performance. The unit will also include a 10-year standard warranty after date of purchase.

V Gold Version 2 (550/650/750/850W)

A refresh on the V Gold PSU series, the V Gold PSU will be available in a solid white color, providing further customization options with PC building consumers and enthusiasts. The PSU is rated 80 PLUS gold and includes two EPS connectors, allowing the PSU to support the latest gaming motherboards. The unit also includes in-line capacitors within the connectors, increasing PSU performance by lowering ripple noise output.


V Bronze (550/650/750W)

Rated at 80 PLUS Bronze, the V Bronze PSU guarantees a typical efficiency of 85% under normal operating conditions. The PSU features a 40% fanless mode, rendering the fan inactive until the unit has reached 40% load, delivering silent operation during normal use. Featuring a 120mm FDB fan with an updated fan bearing and flat black cables, V Bronze can perform low RPM operations while delivering quiet cooling performance. The unit will also include a standard 5-year warranty after the date of purchase.

Cooler Master Introduces New Peripherals


LOS ANGELES, CALIF., JANUARY 7, 2020 – Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, will be showcasing its new lineup of peripherals at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: the MM831 gaming mouse, the MH600 Series of gaming headsets, and the MM711, the LED edition of the popular MM710 lightweight gaming mouse.


“Last year, Cooler Master showcased products that are beneficial in both work and play situations,” said Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager. “In 2020, we’re leaning into that theme even more, revealing PC peripherals with convenient, functional features that are ideal for both office environments and personal gaming setups.”


The peripherals on display at CES 2020 emphasize convenience, ease of use, and intuitive features without compromising quality or pro-grade specs.



The MH600 Series is a set of gaming headsets who emphasize comfort and high-quality audio — customized for your own preferences. Dubbed as “Your Audio, Your Way,” each headset in the lineup offers different features and varying compatibility options while maintaining the same core tenets of comfort and quality:


The MH630 is the base model, with a 3.5mm audio jack for universal compatibility with PC, console, and even mobile gaming.


The MH650 is upgraded with ambient RGB illumination and virtual 7.1 surround sound for superior immersion and sound quality, with single USB connectivity that’s ideal for hardcore PC and console gaming.


The MH670 (pictured right) lets you choose your ideal listening experience with interchangeable 3.5mm or 2.4GHz wireless capability for lag-free, virtual 7.1 surround sound audio.




The MM831 is a truly cord-free gaming mouse that integrates Qi wireless charging capabilities on top of pro-grade features and specs. The MM831 offers gamers the choice of traditional corded mode or two different types of wireless functionality: lag-free 2.4Ghz wireless or convenient Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, the MM831 also features a Pixart optical sensor adjustable up to 32000 DPI, durable PBT buttons and Omron switches, and 4-zone LED lighting, customizable with Cooler Master’s desktop software.


The MM711 is a variant of the MM710, the lightest gaming mouse ever. All the same lightweight features and benefits of the MM710 are intact, with the addition of LED capability that is customizable via the Cooler Master software.


Additionally, further colors of the MM711 are to be shown at CES 2020, with other potential surprises yet to be announced.


“We’ve received incredibly constructive feedback on the MM710, including suggestions for possible color combinations for a future release,” says Nguyen. “We’re unveiling some pretty cool colorways at CES as a result — and we also have a few new takes on some of our most popular mice models that may be released very soon.”


A concept for a new Spawn mouse will also be shown at CES, a reimagined take on Cooler Master’s classic claw grip gaming mouse of the same name. This version is heavily inspired by the MM710, its pro-grade technology and lightweight honeycomb shell with the fan-favorite design and ergonomics of the previous classic mouse.

Cooler Master Launches “Work-and-Play” Lifestyle Products

Products Include Gaming & Ergonomic Chairs, Gaming Monitors, and Floor Mat

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., JANUARY 7, 2020 – Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components and peripherals will be launching a new line up of lifestyle products, including the Caliber R1, R2, X1, and Ergo L gaming chairs, GM27-CF and CM34-CW desktop monitors, and the FM510 floor mat. The products solidify Cooler Master’s dedication to providing “Work and Play” options for consumers.



The Cooler Master GM27-CF 27” curved gaming monitor is built with an ultra-game mode through FreeSync. The monitor reaches a high refresh rate of 165Hz and up to 1ms response time. Featuring an FHD 1920*1080 VA panel, in-wide color gamut, and ultra-narrow bezels, the GM27-CF is designed for gamers looking to experience minimal compromise while enjoying beautiful in-game landscapes.


The Cooler Master GM34-CW 34” curved gaming monitor utilizes an Ultra WQHD 3440*1440 VA Panel to achieve maximum display quality and capability. The monitor reaches a refresh rate of up to 144Hz and up to 1ms response time, supported by DisplayHDR400. The ultrawide monitor includes an adjustable stand and low blue light display mode, preventing eyestrain and providing ergonomic solutions.















The Caliber X1 provides an extra-large ergonomic design suitable for consumers with large chair preference. The chair includes 10-20% larger casters in comparison with Caliber R1, along with perforated PU leather, to provide body heat dissipation, overall sturdier build, and additional functionalities.


“Work and Play” with comfort. The Ergo L is an ergonomic office chair built with an advance unibody seat mechanism, making it easier to adjust height and comfort. Ergo L includes a full-aluminum back support frame and breathable material to withstand long office and gaming hours.


Floor Mat

The Cooler Master FM510 Floor Mat features high-quality water repellent coating and 100% natural rubber, providing a premium texture similar to a gaming mousepad. The anti-fray stitching and nylon blend prevents the mat from being susceptible to dirt, messes, and frays.

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