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Arctic lancia il velocissimo Smart Changer 8000 USB

High speed charging for all!

The Smart Charger 8000 not only delivers full speed but also multi-compatibility

An empty battery nowadays is something like a moderate catastrophe and the charger is thus the knight in shining armour. A task conventional chargers become less and less adequate – while the Smart Charger 8000 is made for that.


Charger does not equal charger. Standard ports only charge some brands at full speed and others often really slowly. By contrast the Smart Charger 8000 not only delivers full speed but also multi-compatibility. Intelligently each port identifies your USB device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed. Here it doesn’t matter whether smartphones and tablets from all brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Lenovo and others – the fastest possible charge speed is guaranteed on all five ports. This saves you during the charging not only nerves but also plenty of time.

With 8,000 mA the Smart Charger delivers even enough output to charge three tablets and two smartphones with high speed – all at once. The integrated voltage stability and overcurrent protection ensure furthermore that the charging is not only fast and smart but also safe.

QUICK FACTS Smart Charger 8000 Fast Charger for all USB devices


Smart charging technology to guarantee maximum compatibility
Intelligent detection of the connected devices for maximum charging speed
8 A total output
Voltage stability to ensure lasting fast charging
Overcurrent protection
Functional and portable for the perfect use in office, at home and while traveling
1 m AC cable for the perfect use for out of reach sockets
83 % efficiency minimum
Fully compliant with CE safety requirements

Arctic LINK
The Smart Charger 8000 is now available at a special price of 25.99 € at Amazon and at ARCTIC.

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